Apps Ranking is the ranking given to different applications, based on different fields. The overall ranking of an app is the measure of the value, the use, and the likeness of the app in the app store. There are many fields on which the ranking of an app is done.

Some of them are written below.

  • The Editor’s choices, these are the best apps, chosen and liked by even editors, these apps always top every list.
  • Number of downloads also decides about the quality of an application. The more people download the app means that the app is really good and an attention taker.
  • The pricing, if free then in-app purchases is also an important factor.
  • In addition, with this, the rating of the app by the users is the very important part and so, an app must make sure to have the best ratings and also the best reviews of its downloaders.

There are many app stores which officializes their own app ranking. This results in an even greater number of downloads of the app and if the app becomes the app of the year, they are even known to have earned a lot of money from the app purchases.