The app features information regarding the awesome game of Dungeons & Dragons. And not the game, but the guide, tips and officially, the handbook of the game.


Below mentioned are some of the features of the application.

  • Great Content
    Access to the entire Dungeons & Dragons fifth Library Book and other great content to unlock.
  • Offline Access
    Download your desired content and access it wherever and whenever you want, even if you are offline.
  • Bookmarks and Search
    Ease searching for rules, tips and the content you want. You can also set bookmarks so that you can continue from where you left easily.
  • Display Options
    Multiple reading options. Read as a book, as a PDF, clean mode and even the facility of night mode for long and healthy readings in Night time.


The app is just more than a handbook for rules; it is just like a guide to many secret paths, hints, items, a guide to the abilities of different types of monsters and many more. It also works as a library to store all the books brought through DnD Beyond store. Also, to the monster abilities, you will find their ratings and other important details.