The best app you can get in replacement for your regular app store such as Google Play Store. This application lets you download all the applications you want, just like an app store but has more features than a regular app store.


Fewer Ads

In this app, you will find less promotional ads. There will be a minimum advertisement, and that only will be on some apps.

Full Version

Also, to the regular apps, there will be an option to download the full version apk of the application. The full version is only available if you buy the premium version of the application on a regular app store. But using Unlimapps, you will be able to access them easily and without paying anything.

All types of Applications available

There are cases when app store such as the Apple app store or even Google Play Store blocks some application and makes the user unavailable to download it from them. This is because the app violates some of the rules or is not friendly. Well, whatever the reason may be, Unlimapps doesn’t restrict even those apps. And so, you can download them easily from it.

The app is great and worth giving a shot.